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At TecFrame we see a borderless world with minimal barriers to international commerce. We see differences in currency and language as opportunities, not problems. We see enterprise level technology accessible to all businesses regardless of size or location. We see global productivity rise as companies manage product lines, inventory and transactions with ease and accuracy. We see a whole new class of businesses transition from small to large as they are enabled with size appropriate tools that scale with them.

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How it Began

The best businesses fill a need.

For over a decade TECFRAME CEO Florian de Nooijer struggled find the perfect solution for his distribution business in Europe and the UK. While managing multiple brands and multiple websites with multiple languages and multiple currencies, he realized that none of the existing ERP systems could fully solve his problems. With the help of two trusted business partners who had grown and scaled business of their own, he set out to build his own.

Finding success in managing his own business on the platform, he quickly realized that others must face similar problems and could use a truly modern, borderless ERP.

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