Integrated B2c Shopping Cart

Yes you read it right, TECFRAME offers the possibility to open multiple webshops. It is possible on brand level, but also on categories. You decide what is offered in your different stores. Even better, it can be done in different languages.


Get rid of external web shops that you have to link to your ERP. TECFRAME already has it and you don't have to link anything anymore. Next to that you can offer your products in different languages and have them paid in different currencies. Your B2B webshop is only accessible to your business customers. It offers a convenient and efficient order system. We all know that these customers want to spend as little time as possible ordering products for their store.

With the unique SEO feature you can decide what your page title and slug will look like. This will increase the chance that your website will be indexed by google.

Stunning webshop designs, we can do it.

Determine how and where your menus consist of. With drag and drop function everything is so in place.

For the checkout of orders you can of course use PayPal, Square, Mollie etc. Is your payment provider not listed please let us know.

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