Advanced Product Controls

Many products, many variants, many tags That can be very tricky. Not so with us. With TECFRAME you can add many kinds of catagories, variations and tags. And with bulk actions you can offer your articles for sale efficiently and quickly.  

TECFRAME offers a wide range of options for adding your products to the back office. It doesn't matter if you sell clothes, bikes car parts or wine. It is even possible to add all these product groups and sell them through different linked webshops. Yes this is possible. 

TECFRAME is so advanced that you can see at a glance of entire product groups what the stock is or the Retail / B2B price, what is planned outgoing etc.... In addition you can see the title and you can add columns for even more information and that without opening a product.  We just call it a worksheet function. 

With our variation tools you can add multiple variants in no time. With the press of a button all variants are created. For example, a t-shirt in 4 colors and 4 sizes.Of course all products can have B2B and B2C prices SKU number UPC where you buy the products and you have the option to offer B2B or B2C or not.

Do you want to offer your products in multiple languages, that's no problem. 

In the product description you will find a separate description tab for each language. To better promote your product you can use the Tags, this can be icons with or without text or only text. This is also super efficient like all other solutions we have. Interested in a Demo? Please contact us!

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